Why do cats knock things over?


If you have a cat, odds are your kitty has knocked glasses, knickknacks and other items off virtually every surface in your home. It may seem like your feline friend is simply trying to annoy you, but while you may be part of the reason why your cat engages in this activity, there’s more to this behavior than meets the eye.

The hunting instinct is one reason your pet takes a paw to everything from paperweights to picture frames.

Cats paw at objects just like they would prey, so your cat may toy with the glass on the edge of the counter simply to hone her hunting instincts and see what happens when she gives it a bat.

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Cats AND Coffee? Time to move!

I have found the mother ship.

Whaaaat? Did you say cats AND coffee?!!! Apparently I need to move to Seattle now.  Kinda stinks, because personally I’m Panthers fan, but what can you do?

SEATTLE — Want to hang out with furry feline friends? Seattle’s first cat café is set to open later this month in the Wallingford neighborhood.
The three University of Washington students who created Seattle Meowtropolitan say they wanted to create a café and community hangout for people and cats.
Their motivation was to serve people who love cats and while helping save animals.

Tell me more about this magical place.

How Smart is Your Cat?

Smarty Cat Three C Blogger

Smarty Cat

From Puria & Petco:

A cat in the UK made the news for riding the bus on his own. He gets on the same bus, and gets off at the same stop each time. Thus far, he has avoided paying a fare.

Now it’s time to see how smart your cat is! Try these fun feline intelligence tests. That is, if your cat is interested and wishes to participate!

Smart Cat Tests
Test 1: Hide-a-Treat
Place a treat on the floor and cover it with a can or small box, with your cat watching. What does your cat do?
A. Immediately turns the can over to get the treat.
B. Shows an interest in the can, but gives up trying to get the treat.
C. Looks at you with disdain.
D. Ignores the can.

Test 2: Block Me
Set up a barrier with two large heavy objects like boxes or buckets. Place the boxes corner to corner, or the buckets side-by-side, with a two-inch gap between. Place your cat on one side and a treat on the other, out of paw’s reach. What does your cat do?
A. Immediately walks around the barrier and takes the treat.
B. Tries to get the treat with a paw, then walks around to get it.
C. Paws at the treat, then gives up.
D. Begins grooming.

Test 3: Pull It
Tie a string or shoelace around a treat. Hide the treat under the couch, with your cat watching. Encourage your cat to pull the string. If she doesn’t understand, show her how to do it, then put the treat back. What does your cat do?
A. Pulls at the string, snags the treat.
B. Pulls at the string after you’ve shown her a time or two.
C. Takes a while, but eventually figures it out.
D. Meows until you pull it out for her.

Get Your Cat’s Grade
All As – You have a very smart cat who is able to quickly assess a situation and figure out how to get her reward.
More Bs than As – She has to do a bit more thinking, but she’s smart.
Mostly Cs and Ds – Don’t fret—your cat is no dummy, she just didn’t do well on the test. And maybe she didn’t want to!

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Police Use Cat To Coax Car Theft Suspect Down From San Francisco Building Ledge

Cat BeggingIt would work for me! 🙂

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Police lured a suspect who ran from a CHP traffic stop and threatened to jump from a building in San Francisco’s South of Market neighborhood down from a ledge with a little help from a feline….His family brought his cat to the scene, which reportedly helped to calm the man down.

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No blogging for you!

I had to take a quick moment to share (from my DAUGHTER’S computer) a pic I just snapped of one of my cats…..

“I have your computer. No blogging for you! Mooo wa ha ha ha ha!”

Trinity says no blogging! Looking back, we should have seen it would come to this.

Trinity has taken over. Looking back, all the signs were there that this could happen. Guess we were in denial.