Why do cats knock things over?


If you have a cat, odds are your kitty has knocked glasses, knickknacks and other items off virtually every surface in your home. It may seem like your feline friend is simply trying to annoy you, but while you may be part of the reason why your cat engages in this activity, there’s more to this behavior than meets the eye.

The hunting instinct is one reason your pet takes a paw to everything from paperweights to picture frames.

Cats paw at objects just like they would prey, so your cat may toy with the glass on the edge of the counter simply to hone her hunting instincts and see what happens when she gives it a bat.

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How You Order Your Coffee May Reveal If You’re A Psychopath, According To New Study

Uh oh!

Coffee study on human behavior and mental health.

Do you prefer your coffee black, or with milk and sugar? It might seem like just a simple question of taste, but it turns out that your coffee order is a lot more revealing than you think. A new study from Innsbruck University in Austria concludes that your preference for either sweet or bitter coffee can be a signal of specific personality traits. In fact, how you order your coffee may reveal if you have psychopathic tendencies.

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