Recycled Christmas Gift Tags Tutorial & More!

Here’s how to recycle used book pages and a cereal box into beautiful gift tags and many projects in the & “Home for Christmas” blog hop.



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Easy Peasy DIY Reusable Coffee Sleeves and Prize Pack Giveaway

Reusable coffee sleeves reduce waste and a little snazz to the average cup of Joe.  See how to create your own reusable sleeve with this free tutorial, pattern & prize pack giveaway worth over $380 from Little House on the Prairie® Andover Fabrics Collection and Borei Design!

DIY Reusable Coffee Sleeve Tutorial with Free Printable Pattern.

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DIY Anthropologie Inspired Elephant Wall Bust

Inspired by the pic of Anthropologie’s Plains Traveler Bust Elephant…

Borei Design created an elephant wall bust for $5 using primarily recycled materials and has shared her instructions and pattern for free.

Elephant Wall Bust DIY How To with pattern Borei Design

Borei Design Elephant Wall Bust

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DIY Upcycle: Book Page Flower Wreath Wall Hanging Tutorial

How to easily recycle an old book, plastic grocery bags,scrap fabric and cardboard box into beautiful wall art.

Recycled Book Page Wall Art

Recycled Book Page Wall Art

Got some plastic grocery bags, leftover fabric, a cardboard box and an old book ready for recycle? Once again I’m up to crafting using only materials found around my home. My latest project involves upcycling these items to make a new wall hanging/wreath. I drew inspiration from some of the felt flower barrettes I’ve made for my daughter.

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The BEST DIY Laundry Detergent Recipe and Decorative Storage Container.

DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent

Best DIY Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe.

About a year ago I switched to homemade laundry detergent and have never looked back. There’s lots of recipes out there but this is the absolute best combination I’ve found.  The cleaning power is better than the average commercial brand and  you don’t have to sacrifice their great scents. Need a scent free version? No problem. Just omit the fabric softener crystals. However if you do add them you can skip the addition of fabric softener to each load and save even more money. Continue reading

How To Recycle Old Book Pages Into Decorative Stars

Handmade straw and wood ornaments are a long standing tradition in Sweden and many other Scandinavian countries. I always look forward to receiving a handmade ornament from Sweden from my Mother and Father-in-law every Christmas. Advent stars are one of the items that are commonly made. When I was recently looking at a pic of antique woven star, I was inspired to make my own version using recycled book pages that could be used as a decorative hanger not just for the Christmas tree but for any time of year.

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