Got baskets? 19+ Basket Projects

Got a lot of lonely mismatched baskets laying around? Here are lots of project tutorials to bring new life to them. Click on pic below to get started. 🙂

19+ Basket projects from Borei Design & Hometalk.


Fuchsia Floret Wooden Frame

Breathing new life into an old frame…

Upcycled frame diy I am trilled to share this project with you all. This was the very first altered frame I did. I had this wooden frame since 5 or more years and its texture was getting darker and it started to look unclean. So, one day I thought why not I alter it and this is what I came out with.

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DIY Upcycle: Book Page Flower Wreath Wall Hanging Tutorial

How to easily recycle an old book, plastic grocery bags,scrap fabric and cardboard box into beautiful wall art.

Recycled Book Page Wall Art

Recycled Book Page Wall Art

Got some plastic grocery bags, leftover fabric, a cardboard box and an old book ready for recycle? Once again I’m up to crafting using only materials found around my home. My latest project involves upcycling these items to make a new wall hanging/wreath. I drew inspiration from some of the felt flower barrettes I’ve made for my daughter.

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